26th International Conference on Medical Image
Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention

October 8-12, 2023 - Vancouver/CANADA


Event Name Acronym Contact Associated Challenge/Tutorial
2nd Int'l Workshop on Artificial Intelligence over Infrared Images for Medical Applications (AIIIMA) AIIIMA sivateja[at]niramai.com
2nd Workshop on Resource Efficient Medical Image Analysis (REMIA) / A tumor and liver automatic segmentation challenge (ATLAS) REMIA/ATLAS benoit.presles[at]u-bourgogne.fr
5th MICCAI Workshop on GRaphs in biomedicAl Image anaLysis GRAIL ahmadi[at]cs.tum.edu
Airway-Informed Quantitative CT Imaging Biomarker for Fibrotic Lung Disease: Structured description of the challenge design AIIB23 y.nan20[at]imperial.ac.uk
Automated Lesion Segmentation in Whole-Body FDGPET/CT - Domain Generalization AutoPET II sergios.gatidis[at]med.uni-tuebingen.de
Automated prediction of treatment effectiveness in ovarian cancer using histopathological images ATEC23 cweiwang[at]mail.ntust.edu.tw
Cerebral artery segmentation CAS shz21[at]mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Lesion Segmentation Challenge HIE2023 Rina.Bao[at]childrens.harvard.edu
Liver Lesion Diagnosis Challenge on Multi-phase MRI LLD-MMRI2023 loumeng[at]deepwise.com
Low-dose Computed Tomography Perceptual Image Quality Assessment Grand Challenge 2023 LDCTIQAC2023 choij[at]ewha.ac.kr
Computational Biomechanics for Medicine XVIII CBM XVIII adam.wittek[at]uwa.edu.au
OCELOT 2023: Cell Detection from Cell-Tissue Interaction OCELOT dgyoo[at]lunit.io
Radiologist-in-the-Loop AI aali25[at]mgh.harvard.edu
Ultra-low Dose PET Imaging Challenge 2023 UDPET song.xue[at]dbmr.unibe.ch
Myopic Maculopathy Analysis Challenge MMAC shengbin[at]sjtu.edu.cn
Translational AI and Surgical Robotics Systems for Minimally Invasive Procedure Guidance - la17867[at]mit.edu