6-10 October 2024 • MARRAKESH / MOROCCO


Day/Time Event Name Acronym Associated Satellite Event
Day 1 MICCAI meets Africa Workshop 2024 MICCAIAfrica  
Day 1 THE 1ST MICCAI STUDENT BOARD (MSB) WORKSHOP - EMERGE: Empowering Medical Information Computing Research through Early-career Expertise EMERGE  
Day 1 4th MICCAI Workshop on Shape in Medical Imaging ShapeMI  
Day 1 MICCAI Workshop on Computational Biomechanics for Medicine XIX CBM  
Day 1 7th Workshop on PRedictive Intelligence in MEdicine PRIME  
Day 1 The 5th Workshop on Advances in Simplifying Medical Ultrasound ASMUS  
Day 1 Machine Learning in Medical Imaging MLMI  
Day 1 Workshop on Interpretability of Machine Intelligence in Medical Image Computing and Workshop on Explainability for Dense Prediction Models in Medical Image Analysis iMIMIC/EXPAND  
Day 1 EARTH: Embodied AI and Robotics for HealTHcare EARTH  
Day 1 2nd Workshop on Foundation Models for General Medical AI MedAGI  
Day 1 Workshop on Biomedical Image Registration WBIR Learn2Reg
Day 1 Cancer Prevention, detection, and intervenTion CaPTion  
Day 1 The 3rd Workshop on Computational Mathematics Modeling in Cancer Analysis CMMCA  
Day 1 13th MICCAI Workshop on Clinical Image-based Procedures: Towards Holistic Patient Models for Personalised Healthcare CLIP  
Day 1 MICCAI Workshop on PerInatal, Preterm and Paediatric Image Analysis PIPPI FETA
Day 1 Computational Pathology with Multimodal Data COMPAYL  
Day 1 Computational Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2024 CDMRI  
Day 1 Augmented Environments for Computer-Assisted Interventions AE-CAI  
Day 1 The Third Workshop on Applications of Medical Artificial Intelligence (AMAI) AMAI  
Day 1 GRaphs in biomedicAl Image anaLysis GRAIL  
Day 1 Workshop on Multimodal Clinical Decision Support ML-CDS  
Day 2 Joint MICCAI Workshops Fairness of AI in Medical Imaging and Ethical and Philosophical Issues in Medical Imaging FAIMI-EPIMI  
Day 2 Deep Generative Models for Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention DGM4MICCAI  
Day 2 9th International Workshop on Simulation and Synthesis in Medical Imaging SASHIMI  
Day 2 Machine Learning in Clinical Neuroimaging MLCN  
Day 2 Ninth International Skin Imaging Collaboration Workshop on Skin Image Analysis ISIC  
Day 2 2nd International Workshop on Medical Optical Imaging and Virtual Microscopy Image Analysis MOVI KPIs
Day 2 MICCAI Workshop on Advancing Data Solutions in Medical Imaging AI : be Joint Workshop of 4th MICCAI Workshop on Data Augmentation, Labeling, and Imperfections (DALI 2024), Big Task Small Data, 1001-AI (BTSD 2024), and 3rd MICCAI Workshop on Medical Image Learning with Limited and Noisy Data (MILLanD 2024) ADSMI  
Day 2 Stroke Workshop on Imaging and Treatment Challenges SWITCH ISLES
Day 2 5th International Workshop on Multiscale Multimodal Medical Imaging & The 1st Workshop on Machine Learning for Multimodal/-sensor Healthcare Data MMMI/ML4MHD  
Day 2 AIPAD: AI in Pancreatic Disease Detection and Diagnosis AIPAD  
Day 2 AI for Imaging Genomic Learning (AIIG 2024) AIIG  
Day 2 Statistical Atlases and Computational Modeling of the Heart STACOM  
Day 2 The 11th Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis Workshop OMIA-XI STAGE2
Day 2 Deep Breast Workshop on AI and Imaging for Diagnostic and Treatment Challenges in Breast Care Deep-Breath  
Day 2 Uncertainty for safe utilisation of machine learning in medical imaging UNSURE UQINMIA
Day 2 Longitudinal Disease Tracking and Modelling with Medical Images and Data (LDTM) LDTM  
Day 2 Personalized Incremental Learning in Medicine PILM  
Day 2 Second Edition of Data Engineering in Medical Imaging DEMI  
Day 2 The First Workshop on Topology- and Graph-Informed Imaging Informatics TGI3  
Day 2 5th MICCAI Workshop on Distributed, Collaborative and Federated Learning DeCaF FeTS