6-10 October 2024 • MARRAKESH / MOROCCO


Dates Task Description Group(s) Responsible
Early March TBD First Teleconference with Area Chairs Teleconference between Area Chairs and Program Chairs to discuss the review process and review criteria ACs, PCs
March 8 - 17 Triage All papers are screened for format violations, conflicts, double submission, plagiarism, and self-plagiarism. Submission Platform Manager, PCs
March 18 Paper Assignment to Area Chairs Papers are assigned to Area Chairs based on declared conflicts, relevance (subject area match), and TPMS scores while maintaining a global load balance Submission Platform Manager
March 19 - 25 Reviewer Suggestions/Format Checking Area Chairs suggest 9 to 15 reviewers to each of their assigned papers and check for format violation ACs
TBD Review tutorial for Reviewers Teleconference between reviewers and Program Chairs to discuss the review process and review criteria Reviewers, PCs
March 28 - April 3 Paper Bidding Reviewers bid for the papers suggested to them (options: Eager to review, Willing, In a Pinch, Not Willing) Reviewers
April 4 Paper-Reviewer Assignment Papers are assigned to Reviewers based on declared conflicts, Reviewer's bid, relevance, TPMS scores, and Area Chair's suggestion while maintaining a global load balance Submission Platform Manager
April 4 Reviewer Assignment Checking ACs check reviewer assignment ACs
April 5 - 7 Reviewer Assignment Adjustment The submission Platform manager adjusts reviewer assignments Submission Platform Manager
April 8 - 25 Paper Review Reviewers perform paper review. Reviewers
April 8 - May 6 Meta-Review Area Chairs monitor the review progress and quality. ACs
May 13 Release of Early Notification Reviewers and early decisions are released. Those papers without early recommendation enter the rebuttal phase
May 13 - 20 Rebuttal Phase Authors invited to submit rebuttals have one week to address reviewers' comments.
One additional Area Chair will be assigned each rebuttal paper.
Authors, Submission Platform Manager
May 21 - 27 Review update Reviewers update reviews/scores. Reviewers
May 28 - June 3 Recommendation of Rebuttal Papers Area Chairs provide independent recommendations of rebuttal papers with justifications. ACs
June 4 - 10 Recommendation of disagreed papers A third (senior) Area Chair is assigned to disagreed papers and make recommendations. ACs
June 17 Final Notification Based on Area Chairs' recommendation, Program Chairs will make final decision about the paper acceptance and final announcement is made
Summer Final Teleconference Area Chairs and Program Chairs discuss program and provide feedback of the review process ACs, PCs