6-10 October 2024 • MARRAKESH / MOROCCO


We are soliciting proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with MICCAI 2024 in Marrakesh, Morocco. The workshops will take place on October 6 and 10 at the main conference venue, each organized as a half-day (AM or PM) fully in-person event. The workshops should gather focused groups of researchers to foster engaging discussions and exchange knowledge on a specific area of interest to the MICCAI community.

Topics relevant to MICCAI in Africa, proposals from Africa, or more generally topics relevant to MICCAI for global health and proposals from under-represented regions, are strongly encouraged.

Due to space and time limitations, as well as to encourage diversity of topic coverage, only a limited number of proposals will be accepted. In the case of small attendance or similar workshop proposals, workshops might be cancelled, merged with other workshops, or moved to a fully virtual, separate satellite event.

Workshop organizers are expected to articulate a plan detailing the management of all administrative aspects, following the selection criteria below, and to be submitted by January 18, 2024.

Submission Details

Workshop organizers can access the submission form at the MICCAI 2024 CMT link
https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/MICCAISAT2024 under the "Workshop” track. The content of the form is included in this call for easier reference.

Selection Criteria

Due to a limited availability of rooms and internet bandwidth (preventing remote presentations), the submitted workshops will be evaluated on criteria that include:

  • Relevance to MICCAI
    • Topics of interest and emerging areas to be covered
    • Impact to MICCAI and communities beyond
  • Scientific objectives and activities.
    • Quality of engaging discussions and exchanges of knowledge
    • Potential of inter-relationships with other workshops
  • Expertise of the team.
  • Expected number of attendees.
  • Quality of the organization.
    • Feasibility of the workshop program and expected timeline
    • Management of the review process
    • Dissemination including proceedings, video recordings
    • Advertisement and promotion of the workshop
  • DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusions) criteria
    • Actions to ensure diversity, equity and inclusions

Note that if the number of registered in-person participants for a workshop is small, we reserve the right to cancel or merge it with other workshops.


Authors will assign to the MICCAI Society the right to distribute the workshop material to MICCAI members and to workshop and conference attendees, independently of the copyright ownership planned by the workshop organizers. It is up to the workshop organizers to obtain corresponding agreement of the authors.


It is entirely up to workshop organizers whether and how to publish a proceedings volume of the presentations. At the very least, abstracts of all presentations should be made available.


MICCAI 2024 cannot cover travel arrangements or stipends for the organizers of workshops, nor provide concessions on registration fees.

The MICCAI 2024 Satellite Events Committee has limited funds for waiving the registration fees for exceptional speakers, including those from outside the MICCAI community. Organizers should send a request for registration fee waiver to workshops@miccai2024.org with justification for their request. Organizers and speakers who plan to attend only their own/participating workshop are still expected to register for the event unless registration fee waivers have been requested and granted.

Important dates

15 December 2023
Submission site opens
18 January 2024
Deadline for proposals
15 February 2024
Accept/revise/reject proposals
29 February 2024
Revised proposals due
7 March 2024
Final decision on revised proposals
1 April 2024
Open individual websites
6 & 10 October 2024
Workshop dates
(All times are 23:59 Pacific Time)

Workshop Proposal Submission Form

  1. Organizing Team
    List the names and affiliations of the organizers responsible for the workshop. (max. 1000 characters)
  2. Workshop Description
    Provide a detailed description of the specific subject that will be addressed in the workshop. Workshops should provide a discussion forum focusing on a specific sub-topic or promote novel areas of research within the MICCAI scope, but that are currently not broadly covered in MICCAI. Workshops with overlapping topics may be asked to merge. (max. 8000 characters)
  3. Keywords
    Provide a maximum of three keywords that characterize the workshop proposal. (max 125 characters)
  4. Expected Numbers
    Provide the expected:
    (a) number of submissions,
    (b) number of attendees,
    (c) room size from small (<40 attendees), medium (40-60), or large (>60),
    (d) number of posters if any, and
    (e) preferred format (fully in-person or fully virtual, *not* hybrid).
    Explain your estimates (e.g. previous workshops). An important factor for a successful workshop is a sufficient number of paper submissions and attendees within room capacity. (max. 1000 characters)
  5. Background Information
    If past workshop(s) exist, provide a brief summary of past events, rationale for continuation, and ideas for improvements. Please provide the past attendance statistics, i.e., how many (a) keynotes, (b) published papers, (c) acceptance ratio, (d) in-person attendees from past workshop(s). (max. 1000 characters)
  6. Preliminary Program
    Provide number and names, even if preliminary, of the invited *in-person* keynote speakers. Note that MICCAI will not waive speaker registration fees (max. 1000 characters)
  7. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
    Indicate your commitment and actions to ensure balance in your workshop. MICCAI is committed to improving diversity, equality, and inclusion, though without compromising scientific excellence. Describe how reasonable efforts will be made to this end, both in the organizing team and the program of the workshop. If it applies, describe how the workshop will encourage MICCAI in Africa, and involve participants from Africa. (max. 1000 characters)
  8. Review Process
    Provide a plan to ensure that the workshop will adhere to high academic review standards and explain how possible conflicts of interest in review practices will be mitigated. (max. 1000 characters)
  9. Proceedings
    Indicate whether the workshop will have proceedings. If so, provide a detailed plan. (max. 500 characters)
  10. Specific Requirements
    Indicate whether you have specific requirements or need hardware, technical equipment, or support (e.g. a projector, computer, monitors, loudspeakers, microphones, poster boards). Availability of these will only be confirmed after workshop selection (max. 500 characters).
  11. MICCAI Society membership
    Either the proposer or at least one other organizing team member should be MICCAI society member at the time of submission [for signing up: https://miccai.wildapricot.org/].
    In case all of the proposers are from LMIC/under-represented countries and are unable to register for membership, this may be indicated on the submission form to initiate a further communication process.
  12. Other Comments
    Provide any other information or comments you would like to be considered. (max. 500 characters)
  13. Terms and Conditions
    Confirm that you have read the details regarding your expected duties, budget, and management process.